The Kentucky Center of Psychosynthesis, Inc. is a non-profit organization devoted to the expression and promotion of psychosynthesis theory and practice.

The Kentucky Center of (Bio) Psychosynthesis was founded in Lexington, Kentucky in 1974 as a non-profit educational corporation. Since 1976, KCP has focussed on the post-graduate training of educators, psychologists, and other health professionals who chose to integrate the psycho-spiritual perspective of psychosynthesis into their profession. A central component of the training process is the individual personal work required of each student, the application of psychosynthesis theory and practice in their own life.

This psycho-spiritual perspective includes the willingness of the teaching staff to utilize in the Center's curriculum the methodologies and practices of the world's major religious traditions and psychological schools. This has been done with the ultimate aim of fostering a growing spiritual awareness, intentionality and discernment in staff and students.

Over the past thirty years hundreds of professionals in the Mid-Western and Southern United States have been closely associated with the KCP.

Currently, a new training program is being developed, but psychosynthesis workshops sponsored by the Center continue to be offered.

The organization of KCP is in the hands of a coordination committee of five members, including John Parks, Mary Greene, Judith Broadus, Vincent Dummer and Sharon Mandt.