Mindfulness Based Psychosynthesis Training Program

The mindfulness based psychosynthesis training program is an online three year professional training program designed to develop proficiency in the core principles and practices of psychosynthesis from a mindfulness perspective. Taught by experienced teachers, Vincent Dummer and Judith Broadus and guest teachers Tom Yeomans and Ann Gila, this is the most comprehensive psychosynthesis training online.

During the first year, an experiential and conceptual understanding of psychosynthesis will be offered, emphasizing the exploration and development of the personal process of the trainee. During the second year, attention is given to the non-clinical application of psychosynthesis in individual and group settings, while the third year addresses the clinical therapeutic application with an emphasis on case discussion and conceptualization of clinical disorders and issues related to (counter) transference from a mindfulness perspective. Each year builds on the experience from the previous year but also stand on its own.

The training year consists of 6 training modules (weekends) consisting of videotaped seminarsof live training and extensive recommended and optional online resources for study. The year concludes with a (group) interview with both trainers, where the trainee has an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in the learning objectives, resolve any misunderstandings and identify areas for further training. Upon completion of the interview, the student is awarded a certificate of proficiency in the personal application (year I), non-clinical application (year II) or clinical therapeutic application (year III) of mindfulness based psychosynthesis priniciples and methods.

Trainees are expected to engage in a regular meditation or other contemplative practice throughout the training. Integration of the learning is fostered through personal mentoring while deepening of understanding is facilitated through optional individual sessions with an experienced psychosynthesis guide, who is not the mentor. Students can begin the distance program at any time and proceed at their own speed. For detailed information about this training program, click here. to go to the training page.

The cost for this training is $900 a year (includes 6 mentoring sessions) while the cost for 6 guiding sessions is $450 or as agreed by the guide.

A broad range of resources in Psychosynthesis, sponsored by The Kentucky Center of Psychosynthesis, can be found at www.psychosynthesisresources.com

last updated 05/15/16