Registration for the "Mindfulness Based Psychosynthesis Retreat Program" is offered through this application form. Registration for any of the (online) workshops is offered through this registration form. Use the registration form also to request information regarding a workshop. Payment of the application fee, deposit and/or registration fee can be made by check payable to Kentucky Center of Psychosynthesis, and send to Kentucky Center of Psychosynthesis, 436 W.2nd St. Lexington, KY 40507. Your registration is final once we receive your payment. A confirmation will be send to the email address provided on the application/registration form. Credit card payment through paypal is available for the Retreat program..


For all questions, please call Vincent Dummer at (859) 806-7138, use the space on the application/registration form or email him at vincentdummer(at)CS(dot)COM

Last updated: 9/7/09