Psychosynthesis Therapy:

A Journey of Self-realization and An Act of Love

A workshop with Ann Gila on Guiding Skills

June 7-10, 2012

Lexington, KY 40507

Cost: $349 if paid before May 7, 2012

$399 if paid after May 7, 2012

There is a kind of love that touches us beyond our physical appearance and behavior, beyond our moods and thoughts, beyond any condition of our person. Loved like this, we are invited to be who we truly are and to find our unique journey in the world, our unique path of Self-realization. Assagioli called this love “altruistic love,” “agape,” and “compassion,” an expression of our shared union in Spirit, in Self.

Without this love—especially in childhood—our connection to ourselves and the world is broken, creating a wound that underpins many psychological disturbances. It would seem then that a key task of the psychotherapist is to provide this altruistic, empathic love.

What does this mean? How do we do this? This training will respond to these questions. We will focus on: therapist as authentic unifying center; spiritual empathy; the “death and rebirth” of the therapist; empathic curiosity, empathic resonance, supporting the client’s continuity of being; and walking with clients in the various stages of psychosynthesis. This training will include conceptual presentation, experiential exercises, sessions conducted by the instructor, and practica. The morning seminar wil be from 9 to noon and the afternoon seminar will be from 2 to 5 PM allowing for periods of rest and contemplation and socializing with fellow participants. The evenings are left open for unplanned activities to be determined based on the interests of the participants. The workshop ends on Sunday at noon. List of topics covered during the workshop.

This workshop is intended for individuals who have an opportunity to practice guiding skills in either a "kitchen table" (non-clinical) context or a clinical context and who have an interest in further enhancing these skills. It is expected that participants have already attended workshops or training in the core constructs and practices of Psychosynthesis and have some familiarity with the most recent publication by John Firman and Ann Gila "Psychosynthesis, a Psychotherapy of Love" or watched the video interview of Judith Broadus with Ann Gila. Please indicate your training experience on the application form. A confidentiality policy of restricted disclosure of personal information obtained during the workshop will apply for this event.

Didactic presentations and demonstration sessions will be videotaped for possible use in future training programs. Although requests for privacy of visual content and specific requests to delete a particular content will be honored, general requests for complete privacy will not be accommodated.

The workshop will be held at the KY Center of Psychosynthesis, 436 W. 2nd St., Lexington and the Ave Maria building adjacent to the Center. As the location is in downtown Lexington, several luxury hotels (Hilton downtown, Hyatt, Gratz park) are within walking distance from the center and offer complimentary airport transportation. Less expensive hotels are within 10 minutes driving distance. Some of the local trainees may also be willing to offer accommodations upon request. Please indicate on the application form if you would like to be considered for this.

There will be a limited number of scholarships available at a reduced fee of $175. If you experience financial hardship and would like to be considered for a scholarship, please indicate this on the application form. In return, some assistance in the logistics of the training may be requested. All requests for reduced fee need to be made prior to May 7, 2012.

The workshop fee is fully refundable if withdrawal from the workshop occurs in writing prior to May 7, 2012. If withdrawal occurs in writing 30-11 days before the start of the workshop, 50% of the workshop fee will be refunded. If withdrawal occurs 10 or fewer days before the start of the training, no workshop fee is refunded. No refund is offered for partial attendance of the workshop.

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 For questions contact Vincent Dummer by email vincentdummer(at)CSdotCOM, or by phone 859 806-7138

Introduction to Mindfulness Based Psychosynthesis Training

Judith Broadus, Vincent Dummer

Ky Center of Psychosynthesis

No intro workshops are currently scheduled

This one day workshop offers an introduction to Psychosynthesis theory and mindfulness practice. An overview of the personality model of psychosynthesis will be presented and related to the content of the Mindfulness Based Psychosynthesis training curriculum. Participants of this workshop who apply for the Mindfulness Based Psychosynthesis Training Program will not have to pay the $30 application fee. Register here.

OnLine Event in Collaboration with AAP

The Process of Psychosynthesis: Experiential Training

Tom Yeomans, Ph.D.

(This program may be repeated in the future based on interest. If you are interested in this, complete a registration form and indicate your potential interest.

Early on Roberto Assagioli made the distinction between "Psychosynthesis" with a capital "P" and "psychosynthesis" with a small "p". The first he considered a comprehensive compilation of theory and related practices whose purpose is to include and integrate the "Higher Self"  with other dimensions of human experience in personal growth and professional practice. The second he considered a description of a completely natural process of maturation, integration and synthesis that occurs in all people,  and whose direction is toward full Self-realization and expression. The purpose of Psychosynthesis, the discipline, is to support this natural process of psychosynthesis in its unique unfolding in each person.

Everything in Psychosynthesis can be used to support this process, and many other disciplines can be drawn on as well. At root, the process of psychosynthesis is simply "Life seeking to live itself more deeply and fully". The skill is in knowing what approach to use when, when to act and when to let be, when to simply be present to the process and let it work, and when to intervene and evoke direct experience in ways that support it. Any technique, or method, can be used this way AND any can also be used at cross purposes to the process, and therefore slow, or stunt it. The key is to pay very close attention to the process itself as it unfolds in a person's experience and then guide and support in ways that quicken, rather than impede, it.


This training consists of two teaching videos where Tom yeomans explains the underlying concepts and a demonstration video session where he demonstrates the process of psychosynthesis in a counseling setting.

This event is available for AAP members and/or others who intend to attend the TDP preconference meeting this summer.
The teaching videos and the session will be made available for viewing online from May 7-May 17.   Preregistered participants will receive a link to see the videos and are requested to pose questions and discussion items for the group or Tom prior to May 18.  These items will be addressed on the meeting day.
The meeting day will be on Saturday, May 22 from 3-5 PM EDT with Tom Yeomans convening the teleconference meeting. The phonenumber for the conference meeting will be given by email. If it would be helpful to replay a segment of the session, the specific segments will be made available online during the meeting. In that case, internet access during the meeting would be helpful. Otherwise, only a phone connection is necessary to participate in this discussion.
In general the discussion will focus on three areas:
1. The didactic materials presented in the first and second video clip.
2. The session and how it illustrates the didactic points, as well as other questions related to the guiding.
3. The experience of online learning and suggestions how it could be enhanced.

This program is now offered online with a phone consultation with the presenter. Please use the registration form to make this request. Fee: $100

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